Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 7th World Congress on Mental Health, Psychiatry and Wellbeing Barcelona, Spain.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Erin Ramachandran

Mental Health Strong, USA

Keynote: Breaking the Silence from this Relationship Destroyer - - Marriage & Mental Health

Time : 09:00-09:30

Conference Series Annual Mental Health 2020 International Conference Keynote Speaker Erin Ramachandran photo

Erin Ramachandran is a published author of Mental Health Strong, A Christian’s Guide to Walking Resiliently alongside Your Spouse with a Mental Health Condition. Erin holds a master’s degree in Health Care Administration and is a certified Mental Health First Aid USA instructor. She has worked in the healthcare industry for more than fifteen years and is the Mental Health & Wellness Program Director at one of the largest non-profit health plans in the United States. Outside of work, Erin enjoys traveling, swimming, mentoring, and watching movies. She is passionate about helping marriages affected by mental health challenges. Her and her husband, Keith live in Southern California and have been married for twelve years


Do you feel hopeless, tired, and worn out? Are you ready to give up on your marriage because of your spouse’s mental health condition? Twenty to 80 percent of marriages where a mental health condition exists are more likely to end in divorce depending upon the diagnosis. People seem to be talking about mental health challenges in themselves or their children but rarely in the context of the marriage relationship. Now breaking the silence from this relationship destroyer, solutions can be discussed, empathy can be provided, and hope can be restored. Provided from the perspective of a spouse whose partner battles multiple mental health conditions, Erin offers real-life, faith-based, practical examples to maintain a healthy relationship. She has tried over fifty resources and simplifies what works in eight effective steps to walking resiliently alongside their spouse with a mental health condition.